It Also Gives Us The Ability To Directly Burden-share With Allies And Provide Military Capabilities To Create Key Allies In The Region, He Said.

One of the conditions of their move was that she would be able to return to New Zealand at least twice a year to visit loved ones. “He came ahead in September 2019, and I followed in March 2020,” Mills says. “I was only intending to stay 10 weeks initially as my youngest had the school year to complete. However, I became stuck due to the pandemic, so missed his whole last year.” She finally managed to get an MIQ slot for February 2021, staying in the country until June. “Naively, I thought that things could only improve going forward,” says Mills. “However, it seems they are only getting worse as it is now not possible to book an MIQ at all, and there is no sign of things changing any time soon.” The announcement that 3,000 rooms over September, October, November and December would be released under a new managed isolation process on 20 September brought some hope to people and lifted the pause on new bookings. Aiming to reduce the first-in, first-served approach and constant refreshing that was taking place under the former booking process, anyone wanting an MIQ space will now be randomly generated into a virtual queue, where they will have 15 minutes to enter the site after getting to the front of the line. Mike Moore, one of the people I spoke with for this article, works as a consultant in travel technology, specifically reservation systems. He expressed concerns about the system, primarily the fact that it essentially makes returning to New Zealand a lottery process and does not tackle the key issue with MIQ – that demand enormously outstrips supply. When asked to comment for this article, a representative for the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) linked me to the press releases found on the MIQ website. “Although this new feature should improve user experience, it is not a silver bullet – it will not fix the issue of supply and demand. Unfortunately, in periods of high demand, a lot of people will miss out on securing a room,” it reads. Jacinda Ardern says she won’t risk UK Covid approach as NZ faces labour shortages A source joined the MIQ lobby at 8amNZT on 20 September. At 9amNZT they were deposited into the virtual queue at position number 9,307. The highest queue number I saw posted on the Grounded Kiwis Facebook page was 25,196. Assuming this is the overall highest number (which it likely isn’t, I saw unconfirmed reports of up to 28,000), this number remains static and they continue to have 3,000 rooms available each fortnight, then it will take about five months to clear this group of people. Realistically, it’s likely to take at least seven (without accounting for the people that inevitably join the back of this queue). Stories on the Grounded Kiwis Facebook page included a woman who accidentally exited out of the queue and wasn’t allowed back in, despite having registered her passport details. [Construction]


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Locally manufactured drone could give Australia ability to strike back in the Pacific The Loyal Wingman is the first military aircraft to be designed and built in Australia for more than 50 years. Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article The first military drone to be designed and built in Australia in more than 50 years will strengthen the country's ability to counter China in the Pacific, a military analyst says. The Loyal Wingman is the first military aircraft to be designed and built in Australia in more than 50 years Analysts say the drone could fill a gap in Australia's ability to launch long-range strikes Boeing says allied countries have expressed interest in buying the drone The Loyal Wingman, developed by the Royal Australian Air Force and Boeing, is set to be built in southern Queensland at the Wellcamp Aerospace and Defence Precinct near Toowoomba. It is the first time Boeing will set up an assembly plant outside north America. Defence analyst Dr Malcolm Davis from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute said the announcement was likely to anger China. "Obviously, China won't like it; but they won't like anything we announce," he said. China was scathing after Australia, the US go to my blog and the UK last week unveiled a new trilateral security partnership called AUKUS,  labelling it an "extremely irresponsible" threat to regional peace and stability . Dr Davis said the Loyal Wingman and future models would play an important role in allowing Australia's military to conduct long-range strikes. He said that such capability had been lacking since 2010, after the retirement of the F-111 "Aardvark" from the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Dr Davis said the RAAF's current fighters, including the F-35 Lightning, lacked the range needed if there was a conflict with China. "You want to be able to strike at the adversary as far away as possible from Australia," he said. "The Loyal Wingman, which has a much greater range than the F-35, can be evolved over time into a more capable platform that is larger, has greater payload, has greater range. "You suddenly then have the ability to hold at-risk targets in places like the South China Sea, which is really critical in terms of building an anti-access and area-denial capability for Australia." The Loyal Wingman, which made its first flight in February, is roughly the size of a traditional jet fighter and has a range of 3,700 kilometres. The drone is expected to be used in situations where it is considered risky to send crewed aircraft. The project is still in its early stages, but Boeing said there had been interest from overseas. "We're seeing significant demand both locally and globally for this capability," said Boeing Australia's managing director Scott Carpendale. Australia's relationship with France has also soured after it dumped a $90 billion contract for French-designed submarines in favour of acquiring nuclear-powered boats under the AUKUS partnership .  The Prime Minister and Australian diplomats are trying to reassure South-East Asian nations over the deal. But Dr Davis said the drone project could boost cooperation between Australia and allies such as Japan. "It also gives us the ability to directly burden-share with allies and provide military capabilities to create key allies in the region," he said. The Loyal Wingman is expected to be used in situations considered too risky to send a crewed aircraft.

But other family members were also at risk from the Taliban that has now taken over Afghanistan, Community Law Centres O Aotearoa chief executive Sue Moroney​ said. The man who died was one of a group of 70 waiting for a hearing in a Wellington court about how Immigration New Zealand has stalled processing their visas. Community Law Waikato was working with the lawyers taking the action. Moroney​ said she learned on Friday of the man's death. “I can confirm that the community law client who died is a family member of a person who was resettled in New Zealand because of their support of the NZDF in Afghanistan ,” she said. People fleeing Afghanistan in late August board a Defence Force Hercules as part of a coalition evacuation. (File photo) She did not have other details of the dead man. He was beaten as he tried to cross the border into Pakistan when the Taliban took over in Kabul in late August. Although he made it to Pakistan he died about two days later of his injuries, she said. The attackers were believed to be Taliban, but that was not confirmed. Another of the court action group was taken by the Taliban a week ago and has not been heard from since.